Thursday, May 29, 2008

Overheard at Our House

I made a slightly off-color comment, innuendo really, then asked Bob why he wasn't reacting.

Pauly: Should Daddy react? What is reacting, anyhow?
Roger: Chopping down trees.
Pauly: No it isn't.
Roger: Yes it is. Reacting is chopping down trees.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rosie's New Tricks

Rosie can take off all her clothes, including her diaper.

She can also now open the screen door if it is not locked.

She's fast, too.

I'm not sure whether any neighbors looked outside to notice me chasing a naked toddler around this morning or not.image

Monday, May 05, 2008

We saw the Proclaimers!

We saw them this past Saturday in Minneapolis. This is what I posted on the fan forum, and I'm too lazy to rewrite it for here.

We went to Minneapolis! I forgot my camera at home, and I didn't get a set list. Sorry about that.

It was fantastic. The Fine Line Cafe is a smallish venue, but it was packed. The energy was absolutely incredible. I am so glad we went. We drove nearly 700 miles to get there and my husband and I thought it was worth it, even not considering the other things we did in Minneapolis this weekend.

Personally, I was really impressed with Jeremy Fisher, and we bought his CD. We really enjoyed the classic rock sound.

I was really impressed with how much fun C&C and the band had making music. You could tell they enjoy themselves, and the crowd was responding with positive energy of its own. It was standing room only, and the floor was packed. Everyone was singing, dancing, clapping and enjoying the music. This was our first time seeing The Procs, and my husband was really impressed with how many songs were even better live, he has not found that to be the case with other bands he's seen live.

We managed to be first in line to get their autographs, and my husband joked to them, "I was really disappointed. We drove nearly 700 miles to see you, and you're not a comedy act!" in reference to that exchange someone shared here from earlier on the tour. They both laughed and Charlie said something in response, but I regret to say that neither my husband or I could understand him due to his accent, which seemed much thicker off stage. Embarassed Then of course we told them much we loved the show.

Anyway, it was absolutely wonderful. Very Happy