Thursday, August 16, 2012

The First day of School!

We got up early, really early. The kids were too excited to sleep. At least that way we were ready to go. Got breakfast, got the kids dressed, got lunches ready, got to school and got everyone dropped off on time. Good deal!

I discovered that a white dog and navy blue uniform pants aren't a great combination.

On the way out the door Roger said, "It's the first day of school, so meteor don't hit the earth today!" Apparently, he has been under the impression that we're in imminent danger of a meteor strike at all times. I tried to clear that up.

We'll see if they're all still smiling tomorrow!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

One Week!

It is one week to the first day of school. One week to my children's first day of school, ever.

We have the school supplies purchased and sorted out into the children's backpacks, the uniforms purchased and tried on and wash, school shoes purchased. Each child has had a well child check and has had confirmed that their vaccinations are up to date. We are getting official school e-mail and mailing. It looks like we're actually going to do this.

And I'm scared.

I know this is "normal." The vast majority of children go to school, and everything goes just fine for most of them. But it is not our normal. We have always homeschooled. I have dealt with schools as a student, as an education student, as a substitute teacher, but never as a parent of one of the children. This will be a new role for me. I have always had the children with me for most of the day. Having them going for a majority of the waking hours will be very different. And I've always been the one totally in control. I have to let go of that control a little bit, here, and trust that other people can help and it will be fine.