Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two and a half weeks left

until my due date. Things are now going swimmingly with the pregnancy. All of the various issues I'd been concerned about have cleared up and things are going along normally now. Hopefully it will stay that way through the delivery!

Are we ready? Not in the slightest. I haven't gotten the infant seat from out of storage at my parents' house, haven't washed and organized the baby's clothes, and in fact don't even have drawers or a box or anything to put the cleaned and organized clothes into, and don't have a place for such drawers even if we had one. We haven't gotten the cradle out and put it back together (and I'm not sure where the cradle's sheets are!), or packed a hospital bag, or collected phone numbers together so we can call people after the birth (my address book has met a sad an untimely end). The house is still a pig sty, no meals in the freezer, I'm sure I could list more things that are undone. The child has no socks at all, but does have a fedora waiting for him. Don't you love our priorities?

In other news, the boxes containing all our homeschooling materials for next year are now in the state, and will be delivered tomorrow! Ten to one those things will be gone through, organized, and carefully put away before I even think about the baby things.