Monday, October 30, 2006


Roger was playing with a plastic pirate hook for his Halloween costume and Bob said, "Don't pick your nose with that thing, you might get some brains!" Then Pauly said, "But he already has a brain!!"

Monday, October 23, 2006

Killed by Communion

This afternoon Roger was trying to put a quarter in Rosemarie's mouth while saying, repeatedly, "Body of Christ." Luckily, she didn't open her mouth. Can we say "choking hazard"?

I cannot believe this

I just finished reading a book by Alison Weir called The Princes in the Tower which is about Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York, and their murder, likely at the hands of their uncle Richard III. The whole point of the book is really that there isn't, or at least shouldn't be, any doubt that the murder was committed at the order of Richard III. I think the overall thesis is pretty solid, but the author was trying to pile up evidence upon evidence, and she took a serious mis-step at least once.

She quoted some fragments of a prayer handwritten in Richard III's Book of Hours
You have made me fron nothing, and have redeemed me by Thy most wonderful love and mercy from eternal dmanation to everlasting life. Because of this I ask You, O most gentle Jesus, to save me from all perils of body and soul and, after the course of this life, deign to bring me to You, the living and true God.

She then comments on this passage, "Richard praises Christ with heartfelt gratitude for having redeemed him from eternal damnation: what, one is tempted to wonder, had he done to merit such damnation?" One wouldn't be likely to wonder if one understoods the most basic elements of traditional Christianity. The passages she quotes from this prayer are not at all unusual in Christian prayer, especially for the time period. And yet she declares it to be "especially significant" and tries to use it to insinuate that Richard III must be guilty of something especially heinous.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pauly the Corrector

Pauly was correcting Roger's pronunciation this afternoon at dinner:

R: Can I have some more, peese?
P: Say puh-weese, not peese.
R: Peese.
P: No, not peese, puh-weese.
R: Peese.
P: No. Puh-weese.
R. Peese.
P: Well, puh-weese is "peese" in 'Panish.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Never Mind!

You can ignore the last post. Bob is going to stay on working at Sara's through November. This will actually be better for us, as if he doesn't qualify for the grant money, we'll have time to find a way to beg/borrow/steal the money to pay for the training. Phew!

I was afraid this would happen

but Bob wasn't. Maybe I should have been more forceful in my reservations.

Anyway, we had decided that we would go ahead with this sheet metal training thing. I found out earlier this week that Bob had already given his notice at work, which made me very uncomfortable as we still hadn't officially enrolled him in the classes, etc. What if it didn't work out?

Well, yesterday Sara's hired a new employee, and Bob came home to a phonecall wanting information to enroll him for the first set of classes (through Hutchinson community college), which the lady says start Dec. 4. Ouch. He asked, "Everyone had said the orientation and tests were for the Nov. clases." Lady, "but those are already full!"

I guess this is what happens when several organizations (Hutch CC, WATC, Wichita Workforce) try to coordinate things.

So Bob might have to work somewhere else for a month, if he can't stay on at Sara's and he can't finagle his way into the Nov. classes anyway.


Yesterday morning went very badly. I was irritiable and the kids were ornery. I didn't get anything done. In retrospect, I think the problem was that I tried to do too much of my own thing -- ie. I picked up my book to read with my coffee, and tried to check my e-mail while I was rocking Rosemarie to sleep. It seems like if I focus on anything too closely, havoc ensues. Yesterday, it was the boys dumping 6 ozs of expressed milk (supposed to be Rosemarie's lunch) into their vaporizer. Mommy was a wee bit upset.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Smallest Wiggle Dolls Ever!

I did not make these of course. Besides being decidely uncrafty, I also have a limited amount of time and three very small children. These dolls would have been eaten by a toddler rather than made Wiggly. I think they're adorable, though.

No word on whether the yellow Wiggle in this picture is Sam or Greg. ;-)

Note: I have permission of the owner/creator of the dolls to post this pic.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The rumor mill says

Edited: Greg was NOT at the grand opening after all. So Sam is the Yellow Wiggle for this tour, and no one will tell us what's going on with Greg.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh Really? No! O'Reilly!

We just got out the highchair since Rosa will be here with Lily to watch the kids. Roger is sitting in it now. Pauly just came up and told me:

"Roger is pretending to be Lily and I am pretending to be Rosa, so I just gave Roger, who is pretending to be Lily, some Crispix."

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quote for the Day

This is for Bob:

"Some people think iPods are good. But anything that can hold 10,000 Britney Spears songs must be evil." -- David Tench

Friday, October 13, 2006

Kids in Costumes

He rocks, doesn't he??

Here are the kids modeling their "costumes for Lily's party."

We need a young priest and an old priest!!

Roger was being very, very crazy this evening. He seems to be coming down with a cold and so his voice was very hoarse. You was running around yelling and saying weird thing, you should have heard him talking to a piece of pasta he dropped on his pants. I tried to get him to say "Redrum" but he wouldn't do it.

At one point in the evening, he crawled on his hands and knees into a corner by one of my MIL's plants, and started whispering to himself. Then he'd turn and look at us and yell "ARRRRGGGH." And he did it again, and again. Rosa and I wondered to whom he (thought he) was talking, and after this continued for several minutes Rosa asked him "Roger, ask him if his name is Legion." At that, Roger turned around and scream "ARRRRRRGGGGH" louder than before.

Guess his friend wasn't too happy about that question.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Well, they're boys.

Today, on the way to Nana and Papa's house I heard this discussion in the back seat:

R: Excuse me, I tooted!
P: Excuse me, I burped!
R: Excuse me, I burped!
P: Excuse me, I tooted!
R: Excuse me, I tooted!
P: Excuse me, I burped!

et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

For those who don't "get" The Wiggles

I thought this was a really good review of what is great and not-so-great about The Wiggles' music.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yellow Wiggle Conspiracy -- Piece of Evidence #293

I received an email today annoucing the debut of the new Wiggles CD, a karaoke CD. I was shocked when listening to the karaoke songs to discover that they contain the voices of every Wiggle -- except Greg!! Obviously, this is simply an attempt on the part of the Wiggles corporation to get us used to their music without the voice of the Yellow Wiggle, while continuing to cover up his disappearance. It's not gonna work, buddies. ;-)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Christmas Lists

I was asked for Christmas lists for me and the kids some time ago, so I guess I'd better put something down.

Rosemarie: We could always use more cloth diaper stuff for her. We love the bumGenius diapers at, a gift certificate to or would be appreciated. Otherwise, she mostly just likes to stare at things, etc. I think the Go to Sleep Jeff CD would be excellent for her.

Roger: he loves The Wiggles and anything Wiggly related. Loves all kinds of music, CDs are always a hit. Also loves books, would probably like alphabet and number puzzles. Likes all the normal boy stuff: cars, trucks, dinosaurs, etc.

Pauly: He said he wants "a real gun that comes with things that can kill deer" but he's not allowed to have one yet. He'd like games for his Leapster, like Talking Words Factory and other learning games. He has the original Leapster, not the fancy new-fangled one. I'd like him to get the Leapster rechargeable battery pack. He likes Thomas the Tank Engine, and boy stuff like dinosaurs, etc. Also loves music and books.

Books are really a good choice for all the kids. I'd especially like them to have more high quality stories and more Catholic story books.

ETA: I can't believe I forgot this! The kids could use art supplies, like paints, clay etc. They've never actually used paint at all. I'm such a bad mommy.

For me: I am putting together a wish list at Amazon for books. I'd love Greg Page's solo albums. I have Taking Care of Country which is the only one Amazon imports, I'm not sure how you could get ahold of the other ones. You might have to order those from an Australian source. I would love, love, love some Tim Tams . You'd almost certainly have to get those from an importer like Everything Australian. You might look around because I think some other importer may be less expensive. I like dark better than original, but both are wonderful and I haven't tried any other flavors. You'd be my friend forever if you got me Tim Tams. Finally, I'd also appreciate gift certificates to the cloth diaper sites and

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is just not fair.

We are all dealing with the stomach flu here, for the second time in a week. This is not cool!!