Saturday, February 24, 2007

Inadvertent Science Experiment

Did you know that flies can live and reproduce for months in a closed popcorn tin, if said tin is partially full of caramel covered popcorn??

Friday, February 23, 2007

Job Offer

Bob got a job offer from Spirit!! Yay!

Rosemarie tried to sabotage it, though. I answered the phone, and the woman identified herself and asked to talk to Bob. I was bringing the phone out to him, when Rosemarie grabbed it and pressed the talk button, and hung up on the woman!! I freaked out. Luckily she called back within a minute or two, and I kept Rosemarie far away from the phone.

Bob is going in Monday to fill out paperwork, do the drug test, etc. We are not sure exactly when it will start (he will find out more on Monday), but it WILL be a 2nd shift position.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We went to the Zoo today, since it was "Winter Wednesday" with $2 admissions. Here are some pics.


Roger was afraid of the sheep. And the organutan, and the chimps, and the gorillas, and. . .

Aunt Rosa and Lily were there, too!

A very hungry, impatient goat. He didn't get anything for his trouble, that I could see.

Doggie Diaper

Here's Rosemarie showing off her new diaper, a gift from Aunt Rosa. It is a little too big, but will probably fit perfectly soon. No leaks!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Roger was supposed to be using the bathroom before nap, but evidently that wasn't all he was doing.

Roger: OW!! My penis hurts! It won't come off!!

Apparently, while trying to "take his penis off" Roger managed to scratch himself hard enough to leave a mark. LOL

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rosemarie's Joke

I didn't even know that a 7 month old could tell a joke, but here it is.

I was washing dishes and cooking breakfast for Bob while the boys were eating their oatmeal, and he was feeding Rosemarie baby cereal. She wasn't acting very hungry, and whenever he'd try to give her a bite she'd just say, "Mama. Mama." So he gave up on feeding her, and just left her in her highchair while he did his puzzle. After a minute or two, she said, "Dada!" So he turned back to her to give her another bite of cereal. Instead of eating it, she said, "Mama!" Then she looked at me and started laughing.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Friday, February 02, 2007

Requiem for A Homer

A spoof of Requiem for a Dream:

You know, I didn't really find it that funny, but it reminded me of how truly awful the original was. The only movie (thus far) that I have walked out on.

If you liked Mango. . .

You'll love Dugong!! The kids have been singing this, too.


So yesterday we received in the mail: a pink Leapster. Not a My First Leap Pad. Moreover, they didn't send this instead of the My First Leap Pad, the order was still in for that, and it is supposed to come 10-14 days after they received it (which was just last week). The customer service agent wasn't entirely sure WHY we were sent this, so they're sending us a prepaid mailing label to send it back. In the mean time, they said our children can play with it. I'm not sure why we're sending it back if they're not going to resell it, but ok. . .

And today we got the replacement pen for the Leap Pad. Which will be here next week sometime, hopefully with a working pen of its own. . .