Saturday, November 06, 2010


With changes in our life we're having to make some changes in our schooling plans. Over the last few months I've been experiencing joint pain that is progressively getting worse, and it was discovered that I have some autoimmune issues going one. Moreover, we have absolutely impeccable timing and now we are expecting our fifth child. Due to this I had to stop taking my ADHD medication, and due to the autoimmune issues I'm high risk and will probably require extra monitoring. We'll have to see how that works out, I guess. In any case, staying on top of school as well as managing the kids and doing housework has gotten much more difficult than it had been. We're going to try changing and simplifying our curriculum so that the kids can work more independently. Right now I'm looking for workbook options for phonics, spelling and general language arts/grammar for the boys, as what we're using currently is quite teacher intensive. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to take them!