Tuesday, November 14, 2006

RIP Little Critter

Uncle Stephen gave Roger a gift certificate to Amazon for his 2nd birthday, and one of the things we purchased with it was this collection of Little Critter stories. Both Pauly and Roger have always liked it, and it has been read over and over in the few months that we've had it. In the last few weeks, Roger's attachment to it has grown and it has become his bedtime lovey. At nap or at bedtime, he needs Little Critter. Sometimes he looks through the pages, and sometimes he would just hold the book while he went to sleep. Last night was no different, Roger asked for his Little Critter while he was being tucked into bed. Daddy didn't know where it was, but mommy found it easily.

This morning I discovered that sometime between being tucked in last night and actually falling asleep, the boys deliberately ripped several pages of the Little Critter book apart. Mommy was not happy. They had been relatively quiet after tuck-in last night, and Bob and I had been concerned with Rosie, who is still quite sick and who was breathing very loudly and unevenly.

I managed to find all of the pages and most of the fragments this morning, and the book is now in readable condition. It has gained a few ounces from tape, though, and has lost its figure (now some pages poke out beyond the others). It's going to stay put up for a while, and I don't know what Roger will do for a lovey now.

I told Pauly that since he is the older brother he needs to tell mommy when Roger is doing something destructive. He said, "I was planning on it, but then I figured that Roger might need some help."

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