Sunday, August 05, 2007

How Others Remember You

Today at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference, I bumped into a friend that I hadn't seen for a couple of years. I met S at a TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) retreat just before my senior year of highschool, and for a while I saw him around at the Catholic teen events in the diocese. I've always thought of him with fondness, but I'd never spent that much time with him.

I was talking to him about what he was doing now, he introduced his wife to me (when I'd last seen him, two years ago, he was in seminary!) and I updated him on how things were going for us. Then he said about me, to his wife, "This was the first girl I ever danced with." !!!! That would have been at the dance following the TEC retreat. (Now I'll probably be killed for spilling a TEC secret, the dance is supposed to be a surprise). Anyway, it was a shock to me that this is how he remembers me. Who knew?

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  1. Well, I could have told you that that's probably how most men will ever remember you (in some romantic connexion, that is).


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