Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We're going back to cloth. Surprised? I did really like the 7th Generation diapers. I liked them much better than any other disposables I used. HOWEVER, after a couple bouts of stomach flu and loose stools, I'm longing for cloth again. Nothing keeps poop in as well as a cotton diaper, whether a pinned or snappied prefold or a fitted diaper (definitely the best performer!), and a well fitting separate cover. I'm disgusted at all the money I wasted on buying pocket diapers. They may have been easier to use, but they were harder to get clean, did not hold up well at all and weren't as leak proof as separate diaper and cover systems. Once I saw that Bummis was coming out with a cover that fixed the problems I'd had with their previous versions, I knew we'd be going back to cloth. So I'll be getting new covers and Snappis and using our old threadbare and holey prefolds until I save up enough money to consider new prefolds or fitted diapers.


  1. I've been really happy with the new style gDiaper covers. Instead of filling them with a disposable insert, I use a tri-folded prefold. It works really well and because there is a plastic insert with snaps, you can just unsnap the insert and put a new one in 99% of the time when there's a poop.

    You can easily get by with 2 - 4 covers and a stack of prefolds, because you don't have to wash them as often as standard covers. And no snappies or pins needed!

  2. I really looked at using gDiapers, but I decided to try out the new Bummis Super Brites instead. I like them alright, but I REALLY like the two new wool covers I just got. I'm in love with wool. This looks like an expensive addiction, though.


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