Friday, June 06, 2008

Catholics for Obama?

Some links exploring the issue:
And here's the link to the slate article in question in the links above: -- has links to the full "official" documents, which generally don't say what pro-life groups say they say. Or that is to say, the Vatican and national documents don't say what Archbishop Chaput says they say.


  1. As I've said before, I cannot vote for Obama because of the Iraq war issue and the abortion issue.

    On the war: One of the comments in those links was that McCain was only interested in taking the next hill in Iraq and avoided the question of why should we be there in the first place. Not true about wanting to take the next hill. Rather, he wants to end the war in a way that will promote peace rather than leave the world wide open for more conflict. Secondly, it is a moot point whether we should be there or not. We ARE there and we have to end it properly, not just pulling troops out. In Vietnam, when we pulled the troops out, South Vietnam collapsed. If we pull the troops out in Iraq, the world will know us as cowards who can't stick with what they start and all terrorists/rogue nations will be encouraged in their disruption of world peace.

    On abortion: I don't care if Obama is "personally opposed to abortion" or not. His voting record speaks otherwise. If he is elected, his appointees will be pro-choice, and all executive branch decisions involving life issues will go the pro-choice way, as will all the judicial appointments. It will make a difference. Not just another issue, abortion is a pivotal issue. If one cannot be born, one cannot have a job, earn minimum wage, apply for food stamps, be poisoned by the environment, or be executed for a capital crime.

  2. I'm not decided, was just gathering these links.

    On Iraq, I tend to think the opposite. I think our continued presence there will only aggravate terrorist groups and increase their power, as their claims of an imperialist America will seem to be accurate. I simply don't think that WE can make Iraq stable.

    On abortion, McCain isn't prolife either.

  3. I didn't mean to sound like I was yelling.

    McCain voting record has been more pro-life than Obama. His only problem has been supporting the stem cell research bill that Bush wanted.


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