Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's sitting on the desk

the registration form for St. Michael's Catholic Church, that is. Bob has decreed that we're jumping ship after all, leaving St. Mary's to become members of St. Michael's. And we do have to go through with the leaving and the joining and not just do it informally. St. Mary's doesn't need to be spending money on mailing us things, and we're going to enroll Pauly in religious education at St. Michael's.

I've dragged my feet and reasoned and what-not for four years now. Has it really been so long? But ultimately, it really, really mattered to Bob and I can deal with either choice.

It is nice to attend mass somewhere that still feels Catholic. The kids were asking what the statues in the church were when we started going to St. Michael's. : / And the altar servers actually do things instead of standing there looking bored. And all the mass prayers haven't been rewritten to be more "inclusive" or whatever reason Sr. thinks she needs to rewrite them. And there are votive candles! Truly!

Also, since the church doesn't have a school, there is a large homeschooling community. Maybe we will get to know some of them better.

But, St. Mary's is home. It's family. Anywho, there you are.

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  1. Statues? Votive candles? I vaguely remember those!



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