Monday, April 05, 2010

Life with Louie

The new puppy, Louie, has been living with us for nearly a week now. There is at least one way that my life has changed -- I get to sit down and rest even less than I did before! I think things will get a bit less hectic as we get more accustomed to living with him, and move him into a set crating schedule. Since he was incompletely housebroken at his old home, and wasn't keeping his crate clean, I can't trust him yet to keep it clean here. We take him out a lot, as I can't assume that since it has only been x long since he was out last, that he doesn't need to go. I do think he is trying, though, and I am much more optimistic about his housebreaking than I was before we brought him home.

I am excited about having a new puppy. Louie is a sweetie and seems very smart. I'm really looking forward to see how his training comes along, and I feel newly motivated to work on the things we never really conquered with Fenja -- like walking on lead without pulling. Now, I just need to find the time to fit that in. I wonder if I invest in some treats if I can get the kids to listen as well as the dogs. . .

I want to state for the record that I was NOT motivated to get Louie to show up my sister (who just got a new dog, herself), despite what Bob thinks. : P


  1. We got a Westie puppy when we were living in Texas, straight from a breeder. OMG she was so adorable, and Noah LOVED her. Not long after that, we found out we were pregnant, and moved back to Kansas. Being pregnant with a little puppy (who was not learning very quickly how to go potty and poopoo outside) was enough to keep me unglued every day, and Noah wasn't pulling his end of the deal by helping out with her (go figure, right?). I have to admit, though, that I have never been a "dog" person. I like little dogs like the Westies, Yorkies, those types. I was raised with cats. I didn't know how to take care of a dog (or train one) and I wasn't very good about getting all that done, or making sure Noah held up his end of the deal. By the time Reagan was born, we moved to a new rental, where pets were not allowed. We'd only had Lexi for a little over a year, and as much of a pain as she was (still being a puppy and untrained), it was so hard letting her go to a new family. I'd never seen Noah cry so hard. I drove her around looking for a new home myself, not wanting to take her to the shelter. And I was so glad I found a lady at my mother's workplace who's family loved dogs, and they had several out on their property in Augusta. She fit right in. I wish I could say we will get another dog one day, but I doubt it. Not because we don't like little dogs...we do. I just don't know that our family is cut out for the work involved. We're always running and doing almost everything last minute, we like to travel, and let's face...we're just too lazy!

  2. Puppies take work!! Once the dog is trained, though, life becomes much easier and all the work you've done has a huge pay off. If you don't have time for the work involved with the puppy, you might be able to find a decently well trained adult dog.


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