Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Why School?

Last year was one of our best homeschooling years. I found a curriculum, Catholic Heritage Curricula, that provided a framework that I could work from for our entire schooling experience, and which relieved a lot of stress on my part. We made good progress throughout the year, and actually finished up nearly all of our planned lessons for the year. The kids seemed to like the school work, or at least they didn't hate it and didn't complain too much. So, considering how well things have gone, why are the children enrolled in school for the first time ever for the fall?

A major part of the reason is described in this blog post by Simcha Fischer. I have been trying to fit us into the "outfit" of a "homeschooling family" for several years, simply because I liked the idea, even if it did not necessarily work for us. My husband and I had previously made a commitment to homeschool, even before we had children, and due to this commitment I kept trying to walk in the homeschooling outfit, even when I was inclined to consider school from the time my oldest was first school age. If I found the perfect curriculum fit, then it would work, wouldn't it? I tried a different curriculum, different approach, different organizational method each year, and I managed to muddle through but not to thrive.

I don't know that the "school outfit" will be a better fit for our family, but I'm willing to try it on. I know well where homeschooling doesn't fit us, but I think trying out schooling may relieve pressure on me and help our family thrive, or at the very least it will make me appreciate homeschooling as I become more aware of all the negatives of school!

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