Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sam is the Yellow Wiggle now

You all know that, and moreover you're unlikely to care. Pauly, apparantly, does care. Today he was coloring a picture we had printed out for the Wiggles Fan Club "Colouring-in Contest." This picture happened to be the same as one I had downloaded previously as a Desktop, except in black-and-white of course, and with one other big difference: Sam was the Yellow Wiggle.

Original Pic

New Pic

Pauly told me that he wanted them to take Sam out and put Greg back in. He told me that he wished that Greg was still in the shows. He seemed quite sad. : (

Most of the graphics on the site have been "fixed," so that the cartoon Greg has been replaced with the cartoon Sam. This commercial for their US tour mentions Sam as the Yellow Wiggle, and doesn't even mention that there has been a change in membership. Greg's bio has been replaced with Sam's. There are only a few things, like the online video and music, that still have Greg.

On another Wiggly note, I thought it was kind of amusing that in their online Alphabet Game, the last letter is "Zed, or if you're in America, Zee"

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