Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So, people have been saying I have to update, or they'll hurt me. Or something like that. So here's how we're doing:

Rosemarie: Pulled up to a very "leany" stand the other day. Isn't crawling on hands and knees, but sure gets around anywhere she wants by scooting. Says "mama," "dada," and maybe a couple other words which I cannot attest to as I haven't heard them myself. Has finally decided she likes eating solids and eats pretty well now.

Roger: Always someone other than himself. Sometimes Superman, sometimes Larry Boy, sometimes Luke Skywalker. Lately has been going around singing "Mango, mango, mango" and songs from the Wiggles Space Dancing movie.

Pauly: Is becoming more and more grown up. He likes to spend time reading his Rocket Readers (which mommy found at the Dollar Tree!) or having them read to him. He won't read to me, but I can tell he's reading to himself. We're also working through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons to build his confidence. He's a very sweet, helpful little boy.

Me: I'm officially still under consideration for the Program Coordinator position for the Office of Family Life and NFP. I'm not sure if I'd take the job if offered it, it depends on how flexible the hours would be, if I could find affordable childcare, etc.

Bob: "Graduated" one week ago with the Air Craft Sheet Metal Certification. Has applied at various places and is waiting to hear back. He's staying in contact with his instructor and some classmates so they can encourage each other on their job search. It looks like there's quite a bit available -- it will just be waiting and going through the process of the search.


  1. Thank you for the update. Josie :)

  2. Okay, Becky....that Mango thing is seriously wack. Like....wack.

  3. That Mango thing has an "Annoying Song That Will Get Stuck in Your Head Factor" of about 200%.

  4. By the way.....

    Argh! It's a pirate and he's after my booty!

  5. That "Mango Mango Mango" song scared Pippin away from the computer! I'll have to keep it in mind for times when he's blocking the printer. . .


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