Saturday, February 24, 2007

Inadvertent Science Experiment

Did you know that flies can live and reproduce for months in a closed popcorn tin, if said tin is partially full of caramel covered popcorn??


  1. Please tell me that one of your monkeys did not open it and try to eat it.....


  2. No. I was cleaning out the pantry, and I was going to dump out the popcorn and clean out the tin. I can't even describe what I saw when I opened it -- but it was swiftly closed with all of the occupants still enclosed, and is now residing in the trash can.

  3. Yeah, I still vividly remember the moth colony living in my plastic jug of unpopped popcorn. Nasty!

  4. I seem to be suffering a sort of lingering trauma from this discovery. Yesterday I found myself unable to eat white rice at dinner.


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