Friday, February 23, 2007

Job Offer

Bob got a job offer from Spirit!! Yay!

Rosemarie tried to sabotage it, though. I answered the phone, and the woman identified herself and asked to talk to Bob. I was bringing the phone out to him, when Rosemarie grabbed it and pressed the talk button, and hung up on the woman!! I freaked out. Luckily she called back within a minute or two, and I kept Rosemarie far away from the phone.

Bob is going in Monday to fill out paperwork, do the drug test, etc. We are not sure exactly when it will start (he will find out more on Monday), but it WILL be a 2nd shift position.

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  1. Well, she *is* a daddy's girl...maybe she doesn't want him to get a job! She just wants him to stay home forever!


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