Friday, May 25, 2007


I was tagged by a post on my friend's Steph's blog. You're supposed to grab the nearest book, open it to page 161 and share the 5th complete sentence. So this is from Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones. She was quite capable of catching us and holding us in thrall too.

I do have to admit that this book wasn't near me because I was reading it, but because our bookshelves are in the computer room and the kids pull books down, and this one had ended up under the computer desk in easy reach. It is good book though. Like most Diana Wynne Jones books it is aimed at teens but is really too good for adults to skip.

So I'm tagging everyone who reads this who hasn't done it yet.


  1. Great blog, keep the good work going :)

  2. "Death pushed his chair back and stalked confidently towards the nearest wall."

    From the book "Mort" by Pratchett.

  3. My nearest book doesn't have 161 I'll go with pg. 61.

    "These items can be sold to an NPC vendor or destroyed."

    Okay, so it's a game manual for LOTRO. What else do you expect to find around my computer!?

  4. "Some think it is and confidently speak of the dogma of evolution."

    Just for clarification, this is not my book, and I have never heard anyone use the expression "dogma of evolution." This is a theological work originally published in 1939. According to the sticker on the inside, it belongs to my FIL.

  5. "Prophylactic therapy: Infants at risk for developing RDS with body weight <1350 g; infants with evidence of pulmonary immaturity with body weight >1350 g."
    from Quick Look Drug Book (colfosceril palmitate) :)


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