Saturday, May 26, 2007

There's a TV in our living room

Yes, you read that right. For the first time in the six years of our marriage, we own a television. It is all the fault of Nintendo. And my husband.

Even while we have lived in a TV-free household, we have not really been TV-free people. For a time before Pauly was born and while he was a baby, we were at my in-law's house every Thursday for Survivor and CSI. For a while we were over there every Friday, too, for Stargate. Our recovery from addiction to these series was helped considerably by the downward turn in quality of the series, not to mention the fact that as the kids got older Bob was the only one who actually got to watch them, while I stayed upstairs trying to put the kids to sleep. For the last few years, we've watch little TV programming.

We've had a DVD player on our computer for some time, but it has been mostly used for the kids to watch their movies. We've rarely watched movies as a couple or a family, mostly as there weren't enough comfortable places to sit in the computer room. We finally got wise and moved the rocking chair in. : ) So we should be able to get by without a TV. . . except that we needed* a Wii. And a need is a responsibility.

So now we have a TV, a VCR/DVD player, and a Wii in our living room. It looks odd.

*I know the Wii is a need, or Bob wouldn't have bought it. It was only this morning that he said I didn't need to buy a dedicated booster car seat for Pauly, since what we have works. Last week he told me that I shouldn't even be looking at baby carriers, since we don't need another one.


  1. guys caved. =(

  2. Bob is right. You won't have any use for additional child seats, or another baby carrier, because now that you have the Wii, the kids will not want to leave the house.


  3. Rosa, have you played with the Wii? We can get together and you can try it out, then you'll see why we caved.

    But you have a TV, too.

    Ray, we're planning on strictly limiting "screen time," I hope we can actually manage it.

  4. Yeah, but Bryce bought our TV while he was up at Ft. Drum alone. I had no input. Besides, he had nothing to do, so it was "stay home and play PS2" vs. "go out and act like a drunken idiot with the rest of the soldiers". I think he made the right choice. Anyway, we only use it to watch VeggieTales.

  5. Don't tell Matt you have a Wii!


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