Friday, June 15, 2007

Greg posted on the WMB

I'm sure you all care. : ) But I was thrilled earlier this week (on Tuesday) when Greg ex-Wiggle Page posted for the first time since late November. It was just an answer to a question. Apparently a boardie had received a e-mail stating that it was from Greg's mum, and she was asking for her physical address. She was posting on the board to find out if this was legitimate. Apparently it was -- Greg, with the help of his parents, is answering every letter of sympathy and good wishes that he received after the onset of the illness. With some people they didn't have a physical address, but had an e-mail address, so they contacted them.

No, we didn't send a get well card. I actually didn't figure that he'd see it. Plus, that would have meant going to a store or something.

Anyway, today he finally posted an update. He's had some improvement, but not as much as they'd hoped. They're now trying medications instead of just changes to diet and daily routine. He's been told it will be 2-4 years before he approaches "normal" again. So no new solo work anytime soon. : (

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