Saturday, October 06, 2007

Seventh Generation Disposables

We're taking a break from cloth. Since handling most normal disposables gives me migraines, we're trying the Seventh Generation chlorine free disposables. So far I'm fine with them, we've had no poop leaks or pee leaks, and they don't stink when wet like Pampers do!! And we're not contributing to the release of cancer-causing chemicals into the water supply. They are also made in the USA. I do think the sizing might run a bit small, closer to generic brand sizing than Pampers. I got them for $38 shipped from Amazon for a case of 160 size 3 diapers, so they are cheaper than Pampers Cruisers or Huggies Supreme are at my grocery store, even in the big boxes. I was hoping to see if this affected our water bill which tends to be quite high, but our water rates are rising again so I don't know if we'll see a difference.

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  1. With an additional week of using Seventh Generation diapers, is your review still positive? I'm considering getting their training pants.

  2. We still love them, although I retract my claim that they run small. When we ran out of Roger's Pampers Easy Ups (that he was wearing at night) we managed to fit him into the size 3 7th Gen with no complaints from him, and no leaks. We were having leaks with the Pampers!

    I don't know anything about the training pants, though.


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