Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We Found the Perfect House

That is, we found the perfect piece of land. It is exactly what we want. 7 acres. Wooded, with a stocked pond and a small stream. Out on a side road, not on a main road. A nice shed/workshop with electricity, a corral with a stable. A wooden swing set, plenty of "front lawn" and an aboveground pool. Between the two towns we'd like it to be, in the parish boundaries that we'd like it to be. A house half again as big as our current one. And, just barely, probably, hopefully, affordable for us.

Obviously, there must be some major problem. That would be the home. It is a berm home, so it is surrounded by dirt on three sides. This isn't the problem, it could have been a plus. However, the center wall down the hallway in the home is visibly warped. We suspect, though we are not certain, that it is a load bearing wall, and that this indicates some serious structural problems with the home. : (


  1. Structural damage, schmuctural damage! Just buy it! Whatever's wrong, you can fix it up. No problem. You've got nothing better to do right now than move, renovate this house, fix up your old house to sell, and maintain multiple acres and a pool, right? Buy some farm animals to throw into the mix and you're good to go! The kids will help.

  2. Except for the structural damage possibility, it sounds wonderful! I'd like to live on a place like that. Maybe then I could finally get a pony.


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