Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July!!

We celebrate the Fourth on the third this year. It only made sense since Bob has the Fourth off (and could sleep in) but would have to be at work by 5am on the fifth as usual. We had a cook out, with lots of burgers, brats and hotdogs. Stephen and Joan and Ken and their girls came over. We had a fantastic time! The food was all quite good and everyone ate a lot.

When it got dark we set off all the fireworks we had, which was plenty. The nice thing about living in Derby is that there aren't restrictions on fireworks, so we had plenty of shells and lots of pretty things to watch. I put Rosemarie to bed before the fireworks, but let the boys stay up. Roger was practically begging for Bob to start the fireworks, but then once they started he was afraid of them (just like he's been the last several days) and asked to go to bed. It was long after his bedtime at that point and he fell asleep quickly. Paolo managed to stay awake until all the fireworks were done, or until we thought they were done. Bob found some more unused ones after I took Paolo in to put him to bed.

Then Bob and I were wired from all the caffeine from the soda we'd drunk, so we stayed up late. I had to show him "Handmotions in Heaven." I think I'll add that to my blog. . .

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