Tuesday, April 26, 2011

28 Week Update

Well, I'm gigantic. Or at least I feel like I am. I am measuring 5 weeks ahead, but doctor seems to feel that this is likely due to stretched out muscles from my four previous large babies. I do have an ultrasound scheduled for 30 weeks, to check baby's growth, check my amniotic fluid levels and verify that my placenta, which was low-lying at my 20 week ultrasound, has moved up.

My ligaments and muscles aren't very happy about the size of the baby, and they'll probably only get less happy. I'm feeling pretty feeble but resting and using maternity support have helped. I'm considering making an appointment with the physical therapist at my OB's office, but I'd need to get a referral from my primary care provider and am not sure it would be worth the hassle and the time for the appointments. I am going to try following a stretching and exercise regimen I found online.

Had the gestational diabetes screening today, I'll find out the results in a day or two.

Here's a pic of my hugeness:

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