Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dinner Math

Last night Pauly was setting the table. I asked him how many plates he needed, and he told me "four" and I got them out for him. I told him "I already have a glass. How many glasses do we need." "Three!" he said. Then he went on:

P: Is one plus three, four?
Me: Yes
P: But two plus two is four!
Me: Yes, one plus three AND two plus two are both four.
P: So what is two plus three, then?
Me: You tell me.
P(after counting it out): It's five! And three plus three is six!

Now, if he could only hold a crayon correctly.


  1. Are your kids old enough to handle 2+2=4 AND 1+3=4? It could lead to relativism. Multiple pathways to the number 4 ... multiple pathways to God ... stop the math now, before you imperil their souls!

  2. Hooray for Pauly! Math is way better than crayons anyday!


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