Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wiggly Cover-Up

Well yes, I suppose this IS a post about the Wiggles, so now you all can stop reading. A few days ago a member on the WMB posted this article about Greg Wiggle. According to whomever they spoke to at The Wiggles' office, Greg is just fine and is only suffering from exhaustion. Specifically, "We want to assure everyone that Greg is quite all right and it's nothing that a good period of rest and recuperation can't fix." I just don't buy it. That's what they've been saying from the beginning, but that is not what the The Wiggles themselves have said.

Greg himself has said "
Tests in the US hospital DID reveal something, however, I am not going to confirm anything until further testing is done, and when I am ready to. Hopefully, there was an error, and further tests will disprove what was shown."

Earlier last week, a WMB member spoke to Anthony at one of the shows, and he said that they still don't know what is wrong with Greg. The Wiggles themselves are certainly not saying "Oh, it is just exhaustion" although perhaps we can still hope that it is. Surprisingly, though, many members of the WMB reacted to the article above with relief. Oh, now we know that it's nothing! I can't understand this reaction. The "oh, it's exhaustion" has been what has been reported in the media from the get-go, yet we know that it is not entirely true. Another article stating the same old thing doesn't tell us anything, we still likely know a bit more than that reporter. Which means we're still waiting for the Wiggles themselves to give us the real scoop.

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  1. Bob the Baker9/19/2006 7:51 PM

    Really, he's dying of cancer.


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