Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gregroni and Gloria

Yesterday while I was making macaroni and cheese for lunch, Roger looked at the box and said "Gregroni!" (Greg Wiggle wears a yellow skivvy, and mac and cheese is yellow) Then he told me, "I want Murrayroni and cheese!" I'm not sure if he meant red pasta or red sauce. Later on during lunch I said something about macaroni, and he corrected me: "No! Gregroni!"

A few weeks ago I thought he didn't actually know his color names, since he refers to colors by their corresponding Wiggle. This can be a bit disconcerting when he asks for a Murray flavored popsicle. I had been correcting him like this, "Yes, red is Murray's color" etc. I was talking with a Parents as Teacher parent educator, and she suggested that I use this form instead: "Yes, that is red. Murray wears red" so that we end the statement with what we want him to remember. The first time I corrected him like this he had referred to some clothes that Rosemarie (or RoseMurray as he calls her) was wearing as "Greg." I said, "Yes, they're yellow. Greg wears yellow." and he responded, "Murray wears red. Jeff wears purple. Anthony wears blue." I guess he just prefers Wiggly terminology.

As I was typing this, Roger was singing,

For you alone are the Holy One,

you alone are the Lord,

you alone are the Most High,
Jesus Christ,

with the Holy Spirit,

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