Monday, March 12, 2007

Feet, feet, feet!

Or foot, that is. This morning while I was vacuuming I hurt my foot. It felt like there was something sharp in the carpet that scraped my foot, and the only external injury was a small dot of blood, and a thin scrape leading off from it. Oddly enough, though, it hurt to stand on that foot, far out of proportion to the external injury. After a while, it seemed to get better. After walking down to the corner store, and cleaning Rosa's shower, though, it's hurting again. A lot. And there still isn't anything outwardly wrong with it! Even weirder is the fact that it doesn't hurt where the scrape is, but hurts in a spot in close proximity to it. My toe might be slightly swollen, also, but it's not enough for us to be sure.


  1. Are you sure that something didn't go into your foot? Like a sliver or a needle or something? :( Josie

  2. Ow!

    Hey! You should post a link to your blog to the YEA group!

  3. It has gotten worse overnight -- my big toe is obviously swollen and I was actually waking up from the pain. So I'm going to try to see a doctor today.

  4. The doctor says that it is an infection. I don't doubt that it IS infected, but I wish he had ordered an x-ray of it to be sure there isn't something else wrong.


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