Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Homeschool Co-op

We're members this semester of YEA -- Young Explorers Academy, a local homeschool coop. This offers enrichment classes each week. I, however, have been a real failure as a co-op mom. We've only made it to the classes twice, or perhaps three times. (I'm pretty sure it is twice!). We've missed due to sickness, schedule conflicts due to out-of-state family visiting, and then yesterday because I had to make an urgent doctor's appointment about my foot. Since I could barely walk or drive yesterday morning, we really wouldn't have been able to go even if I'd made my appointment later. :(

Yesterday, Pauly was really looking forward to YEA. He has been disappointed that we haven't gone more often. Roger seems to be perfectly happy staying at home, he seems to find YEA a major stressful event. The times we have gone, he's had a major breakdown (or two) by the end.

These last two weeks (which we missed) they used stamps to make YEA specific T-shirts. Honestly, my kids are still so little that they won't even notice when they are on a field trip, but I feel bad about it anyway. I hadn't even been sure we'd be able to afford to buy a couple cheap shirts, and getting out of the house is a real pain for me. Anyway, maybe we'll get some paints and do something at home for ourselves. Or more likely, I'll think about doing it but never get around to it. . .

We should be able to make the field trip next week, although we may be late. I just realized today that I had scheduled Rosemarie's 9 month well baby check on Tuesday at 10:20 -- so we'd have missed a good portion of the regular class schedule. Hopefully we'll get in the groove and be better participants the rest of the spring.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, Becky! You are a mother of 3 children and that is a lot for anyone to handle. Maybe you should scale back and 'expect' yourself to get the kids to YEA once a month instead of once a week? Besides, a trip to the park can happen whenever you can find the time and can be just as educational... JMO ;) Josie

  2. One thing to remember about our co-op is that we are all moms ourselves, so we really do understand when real life gets in the way of what we're doing. Moms with babies, especially, get a free pass for not showing up, leaving early, showing up and not participating. It's all fine.

  3. Also, if Pauly is enjoying YEA, but it's too much for Roger, I could pick Pauly up on our way and bring him along. Something to think about, and I understand if he isn't ready for that kind of thing.

  4. Thanks for the offer, Cindy! I do think the solution is to just take Pauly. Bob will be working 2nd shift, and might actually be training 2nd shift, so in a few (or several) weeks he might be able to watch the others. We're all going to the Museum on Tuesday, so we'll have another week to figure out a temporary solution.


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