Sunday, March 25, 2007

I hate my digestive system.

That is all. Although you might note the time this was posted. : ( I'll be up for the day in four hours and I haven't been to bed yet. whine over


  1. Round Two tonight. I can't do this, I need sleep!

  2. What, exactly, is it doing? Do I want to know?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that lactose intolerance runs in the family, but no real proof. So if you are consuming any dairy (other than well-aged yoghurt), STOP. Maybe it'll help.

    If it is stomach related rather than intestine-related, be aware that eating after dinner WILL cause heartburn, gassiness, and bloating all night for those who are prone to it. Sadly, this also runs in the family. (Maalox helps, if taken in large enough quantities.) Tomatoes are evil for people with acid-y tummies. So is red wine. A glass of chianti with lasagna, while it might taste very good, will feel very horrible later that night.

    In conclusion, quit eating anything, and maybe you'll be okay!

  3. I was pretty sure it was IBS. You can read the symptoms here:

    However, I also have a bad Urinary Tract Infection (I was passing blood clots), and the doctor seemed to think that part of my abdominal pain was actually my kidneys and bladder not my bowel. Although that doesn't explain the bloating etc. to me.

    The last time I had the same pain (Christmas Day) I also had a UTI, so maybe he's right. I don't understand how I could develop a UTI so quickly when I just stopped taking the antibiotics for my foot on Friday.

  4. It's because the evil drug companies put the bacteria for UTIs in with their antibiotics. Antibiotic-resistant bacterium, that is.

    Actually... Maybe you got some tainted antibiotics. That just occurred to me.

  5. Well, different antibiotics work on different bacteria, that's all.


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