Tuesday, March 13, 2007

He's the Master Pasta maker from Derby!

No, it's not Alphonso, it's my hubby! A few weeks ago Bob had attempted to make fresh pasta for the first time, but without a pasta maker he had to roll it out and cut it by hand, and ended up with something that would be fantastic in homemade chicken and noodles, but it really wasn't all that great with a tomato sauce. It didn't "feel" like pasta.

Yesterday he borrowed his dad's pasta maker/cutter thing, and tried again. Pauly was enlisted to help with turning the crank, and together they made copious amounts of linguine! We cooked about a third of it last night, and left the rest hanging up to dry. It was very yummy, Rosie certainly liked it! We'll probably be having pasta again tonight, and maybe tomorrow, but I don't think that anyone will mind.

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