Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bob got horse traded!

Bob got traded out of the position he was hired for. So he's going to be working first shift, and not as much overtime! The guy in that position is currently getting about 18 hours of overtime a week. So a nice chunk, but it will probably be do able. Bob is happy!!


  1. That's awesome, but why did I have to come to the blog to find out? You can't send an email anymore?

  2. Yeah! What Geech said!

    Josie sans Pusstcats

  3. Well, I posted this right after Bob got home at 4pm, then I made dinner. Plus, if everyone checks my blog, why do I need e-mail?

  4. Because e-mail is better (and you still haven't e-mailed

  5. *Nana voice*
    What, your phone doesn't work?



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