Friday, April 20, 2007

The Hair Clip of the Empire!

While he was supposed to be going to sleep for his nap, Roger was playing with my black hair clip. It was flying around and shooting things, and at one point he said, "Luke Skywalker is dead!" Finally Rosie fell asleep and I could concentrate on him, so I took the clip and told him, "I have to take my hair clip away so you can go to sleep." Roger yelled, "No! It's the Hair Clip of the Empire!"


  1. Oh, my God! Roger is so awesome! You could make a book of the things he says!

  2. Perhaps Roger is more in tune with Star Wars than you realize. Timothy Zahn's first Star Wars novel, which is widely credited with sparking a new interest in the franchise in the early-mid 90's, was called "Heir to the Empire." Sort of close to "Hair Clip of the Empire," I guess.


  3. The boys eat sleep and breathe Star Wars. They've only seen a couple of the movies, but they have some figurines that they play with all the time. I thought you would appreciate that, Ray!


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