Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bob's New Job

Bob's been really enjoying what work he's been doing now, but he's still officially in the training phase. Since he finished his sheet metal plate tests early, they've been having him work in small parts buildup until next week, when his training group has more classroom time. He's been enjoying this, except everything he's heard about the position he's been hired for is awful.

He had a very good plate test going in, and did very, very well on the physical ability tests. Which means he was placed in the most difficult, physically demanding position. Moreover, right now the section he's going to be in has several "shops" on 12 hr days, 7 days a week. (Of course, this is why they're hiring new people, so it shouldn't be like this forever, they just increased production) And apparently, the morale is non-existent. When he's told people where he's going to be, their response has been mostly "I'm sorry. Maybe it's changed since I heard last." Not what he wants to hear.

So, we could probably use prayers over the next several weeks that we can all deal with whatever we have to do. He's planning on putting in a transfer to a different job position anyway, so he can work with one of his friends, but he'd probably still have to work this for several months.

On the bright side, we should be able to build up savings and make headway against our debt!


  1. Tell him to suck it up, at least he's not being shot at.

    I'm just kidding, really! =P That's my initial response to everything now, lol. Has he put in a transfer already, or does he have to wait until he's doing his actual job?

  2. Oh, Bob's not complaining, I'm the one worrying about all this!

    I think he has to wait until after the 90 day probation is over to put in a transfer, but I don't know for sure. I think that 90 days includes the training, but again I'm not sure.

  3. I have to work in the same shop for at least six months before I can put in for a transfer. That doesn't include my training time. So, yes, I'll be in The Pit of Despair for at least six months. Probably a lot longer, actually, since everything is based on seniority. Besides, this job is exactly what the company wanted me for; it's the most physically demanding, highest-skill job they've got. I have recently heard that very few new-hires get hired on in this section. So really, it's quite a compliment.
    And I won't complain unless I can't make Mass every Sunday.

    ** Plus, this is all based on hearsay. **

  4. You have to be careful in putting in a transfer request too early...annoying manager-types may interpret it as "whining" or an "inability to be a team player." Especially if they specifically hired you for the position you want to get out of.

  5. Ray speaks truth.

    You know what they say about pinching a gift horse in the butt... or... something that...

    :) Josie


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