Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is disturbing

On one of my forums, someone posted a link to this story about four fifth graders who were arrested for having sex in their classroom, in front of the rest of their class. They are being charged with obscenity, and a fifth student (who acted as a "lookout") is being charged as an accessory.

The article didn't mention that anything was being done to the school. The children were alone in the classroom, and the school administration found out about the incident from the sheriff, in my understanding. I guess that there was some mix-up, and the teacher was in an assembly and there was no substitute. I don't know that the school could even be held liable, historically public schools haven't been held responsible for much of anything. In cases where the school is more obviously wrong, like this one, they still argue that they aren't responsible for the safety of children in schools. I just wonder if this were a private organization, like a Sunday School or camp, if some adults would be getting in trouble, too.

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  1. Incredibly disturbing. Really, that second article is more appalling than the first. I think in the first case, that is more the parents' responsibility than anything else. I mean, those kids weren't doing that unwillingly. Their parents probably let them watch whatever TV they want, whenever they want. (And, yes, that means I believe that protecting children from the garbage on TV is parents' responsibility, not the government's or the corporations'.)

    Now, if it had been a PRIVATE school, LOTS of people would be going to jail. And if it had been a Catholic private school, the Diocese would have to declare bankruptcy.

    But we don't discriminate against Catholics in this country. Oh, no.


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