Friday, October 20, 2006

I was afraid this would happen

but Bob wasn't. Maybe I should have been more forceful in my reservations.

Anyway, we had decided that we would go ahead with this sheet metal training thing. I found out earlier this week that Bob had already given his notice at work, which made me very uncomfortable as we still hadn't officially enrolled him in the classes, etc. What if it didn't work out?

Well, yesterday Sara's hired a new employee, and Bob came home to a phonecall wanting information to enroll him for the first set of classes (through Hutchinson community college), which the lady says start Dec. 4. Ouch. He asked, "Everyone had said the orientation and tests were for the Nov. clases." Lady, "but those are already full!"

I guess this is what happens when several organizations (Hutch CC, WATC, Wichita Workforce) try to coordinate things.

So Bob might have to work somewhere else for a month, if he can't stay on at Sara's and he can't finagle his way into the Nov. classes anyway.

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