Monday, October 02, 2006

Christmas Lists

I was asked for Christmas lists for me and the kids some time ago, so I guess I'd better put something down.

Rosemarie: We could always use more cloth diaper stuff for her. We love the bumGenius diapers at, a gift certificate to or would be appreciated. Otherwise, she mostly just likes to stare at things, etc. I think the Go to Sleep Jeff CD would be excellent for her.

Roger: he loves The Wiggles and anything Wiggly related. Loves all kinds of music, CDs are always a hit. Also loves books, would probably like alphabet and number puzzles. Likes all the normal boy stuff: cars, trucks, dinosaurs, etc.

Pauly: He said he wants "a real gun that comes with things that can kill deer" but he's not allowed to have one yet. He'd like games for his Leapster, like Talking Words Factory and other learning games. He has the original Leapster, not the fancy new-fangled one. I'd like him to get the Leapster rechargeable battery pack. He likes Thomas the Tank Engine, and boy stuff like dinosaurs, etc. Also loves music and books.

Books are really a good choice for all the kids. I'd especially like them to have more high quality stories and more Catholic story books.

ETA: I can't believe I forgot this! The kids could use art supplies, like paints, clay etc. They've never actually used paint at all. I'm such a bad mommy.

For me: I am putting together a wish list at Amazon for books. I'd love Greg Page's solo albums. I have Taking Care of Country which is the only one Amazon imports, I'm not sure how you could get ahold of the other ones. You might have to order those from an Australian source. I would love, love, love some Tim Tams . You'd almost certainly have to get those from an importer like Everything Australian. You might look around because I think some other importer may be less expensive. I like dark better than original, but both are wonderful and I haven't tried any other flavors. You'd be my friend forever if you got me Tim Tams. Finally, I'd also appreciate gift certificates to the cloth diaper sites and

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