Friday, October 20, 2006


Yesterday morning went very badly. I was irritiable and the kids were ornery. I didn't get anything done. In retrospect, I think the problem was that I tried to do too much of my own thing -- ie. I picked up my book to read with my coffee, and tried to check my e-mail while I was rocking Rosemarie to sleep. It seems like if I focus on anything too closely, havoc ensues. Yesterday, it was the boys dumping 6 ozs of expressed milk (supposed to be Rosemarie's lunch) into their vaporizer. Mommy was a wee bit upset.

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  1. I have noticed that my kids turn into wild screaming banshees when I put too much of my attention on my own things. It's hard, because there are days I just want to work on my own projects and not be "on" as mama. I suppose the answer is in finding the right balance.


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