Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yellow Wiggle Conspiracy -- Piece of Evidence #293

I received an email today annoucing the debut of the new Wiggles CD, a karaoke CD. I was shocked when listening to the karaoke songs to discover that they contain the voices of every Wiggle -- except Greg!! Obviously, this is simply an attempt on the part of the Wiggles corporation to get us used to their music without the voice of the Yellow Wiggle, while continuing to cover up his disappearance. It's not gonna work, buddies. ;-)


  1. To show my solidarity, I will boycott the album. I guess I'll boycott all the other albums, too. That will show them!

    Do you think you're going to end up getting the CD?

  2. I probably won't get the CD. We sing along anyway, much of the time, and the CD only has a few songs on it because each song is repeated (one full version, one with only background singing). It wouldn't be bad to have, but I'd rather have a different music Cd that we don't already have.

  3. Uhm... do you even know what karaoke is? Since Greg does all the main vocals that YOU are supposed to sing, they are taken out so YOU can sing them. It's really too bad that you are less intelligent than your kids!


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