Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Smallest Wiggle Dolls Ever!

I did not make these of course. Besides being decidely uncrafty, I also have a limited amount of time and three very small children. These dolls would have been eaten by a toddler rather than made Wiggly. I think they're adorable, though.

No word on whether the yellow Wiggle in this picture is Sam or Greg. ;-)

Note: I have permission of the owner/creator of the dolls to post this pic.


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  2. I think it's shameful that they're marketing Wiggles voodoo dolls. However, this might explain Greg's recent poor health.

  3. It's a shame that you're taking other people's pictures and putting them on your blog. Greg is NOT dead, he's just ill.

  4. Maybe I should disallow anonymous comments. . .

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  6. I don't make anonymous comments. If I have something to say I'll jump in and say it. I will only ever post or write what I'd say to someone in person. So I hope you'll allow my comments.

    I agree with with anonymous comment 2. (not 1, as one is clearly an idiot). Theft is theft and if you didn't have permission then you've stolen the pic. You drew attention away from the comment with a remark about not allowing comments so I'm guessing you did in fact steal the picture. You probably didn't mean anything by it but copyright breach or theft is something that I feel strongly about. With 2 of my best mates being writers I'll admit I can get a bit narky about it.

    And I would definately consider not allowing comments that perpetuate rumour and inuendo. No matter if it's as a joke or seriously. People should leave Greg ALONE. The man is obviously seriouosly ill and deserves respect and privacey. He and those around him must be worried sick and I don't like the idea of little jabs floating around cyberspace.

  7. Oh and I really hope the WMB opens back up soon. I don't want to make a habit of running around cyber space getting defensive about Wiggles and copyright breach LOL.

  8. wigglemum,
    I hadn't meant anything with posting the pic, besides sharing something with my husband (who couldn't be bothered to come into the room), this was the easiest way and it didn't occur to me that anyone other than family would want to read my (very boring) blog. I've e-mailed the owner and if she wants me to take it down I will.

    I didn't think anyone had posted a jab at Greg, the first comment is aimed at me (as a huge fan of Greg). It wouldn't have been posted if the author thought it might be true.

  9. Yeah.... Ok, so no, I don't really think it's Sam. No, I don't think Greg is dead. No, I don't expect Greg to read this. Yes, that first anonymous comment was me. Yes, I did it to annoy my Wife. I've been doing it for weeks now. I think the endless speculation about Greg (of which she has read to me from the WMB*) is silly. When they're ready, they'll say something. Whatever. As for "copyright violation," yeah, right. Notice that she posted the picture along with a comment that she did NOT make those. She did not even claim credit for the picture. There is no way on God's green Earth that anyone is being defrauded, misrepresented, or otherwise discommoded by the posting of this picture. So stop being so snarky. Nobody is trying to cheat anyone else. Goodness gracious. Some people are way too serious. I mean, I like the Wiggles and all. I like their music, and have enjoyed bringing the kids to the shows. But pu-WEEZ! Nobody has to "stand up" for them, here of all places. They're entertainers for crying out loud. I'm sure they think most of this crud is highly amusing.

    *The Wiggles Message Board. This acronym, for some reason, makes me think "Weapon of Mass Boredom." Go figure.

  10. I wish I knew who you were from the board so I could email you directly but I don't so I'll post this and then you can delete it if you like so your blog doesn't have a cyber soap opera drama feel to it ok? I just want to clear the air as I get the impression I've upset folk.

    Bob I reckon it's great you're defensive of your wife. It's just the way it should be.

    Now I know that you were anonymous and stirring your wife then it's a whole different kettle of fish. It's pretty funny. But I didn't know that to start.

    As to me being so serious. That's so cool. I'm never called serious. Just ask your wife. If she's on the WMB she'll know that for sure. I'm thrilled that I've been called too serious. That's just awesome. LOL However I think you misread the tone in my post. I wasn't being snarky at all. That's not in my nature. I'll say just what I mean. People are rarely left wondering what I think.

    As to The Wiggles being entertainers. Yep they are. But to me they're a whole lot more. They gave me my son back so I'm fiercely loyal and defensive of them. But that's another very long story and not suited to your wifes blog.

    I know no one needs to stand up for them but it's human nature to do that for people you like. I know The Wiggles all have a laugh or at least roll their eyes at half the rubbish that floats around cyber space about them. But Gregs health isn't one of those things. Greg and those around him are scared. His health and his career are effected and this guy is dedicated. So I don't think they find any of that funny. I'll make a joke about just about anything but I don't find it funny. Like many others I'm worried for him.

    Just to clarify cause it's easy to misunderstand with just the written word and no tone of voice to interpret....

    la mama loca I didn't think you meant anything by posting the pic. You don't seem even remotely like the type of person to be delibrately flogging peoples artistic creations with malice. That's why I said I didn't think you meant anything by it.

    I mentioned 2 of my best mates are writers so I'm aware that anything being used without permission is a bit of a sensitive issue for me. I called it was it was. Theft. That's what it was. Just that it wasn't intended to be. If I'd thought you did mean to steal Baysmums work I'd have said so.

    If you know me from the board then you know I'm very upfront and say what I think. So I hope you'll believe me when I say I'm sorry if I upset you. I didn't know it was a joke between you and your hubby. There's no way for me to tell that if it's floating around the internet. If there's still an issue with this just give me a yell.


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